itw Gedeon Pochat

Every Thursday I invite you to dig in closer into the Salomon Team France… Today a few questions to Gedeon Pochat


Last week end you were on a ski mo world cup, and obtained a good result…is this your best ski season?


Yes, it is by far my best ski mo season. After a rough beginning, I’ve managed to earn a place in the youth French National Team, and participate to all the world cups and world championships. It is also my first top 20 on the Pierra Menta, even if you were still in front of me! Am looking forward to take my revenge next year haha. I still have 2 weeks ends of races to fulfill, with the French championships per team this coming week end and a world championship in Spain the next one, before trading my skis for running shoes!


There’s a beautiful story about cheese in your family, and I like that a lot..Could you tell us more about it?


My great grand- father founded the family’s company after the war, of reblochon maturing and trade. Since 3 generations, we perpetuate the tradition and the secrets of maturing. It is now my turn to run our beautiful family adventure. Farmers deliver cheese to us , 10 days of age. We bring them to a maturing process on épicéa wooden planks, and turn them several times per week whilst checking on the hygrometry of our caves to obtain the right crust. A well matured reblochon is like a race objective: it takes time to have the desired result.

gedeon pochat