itw Damien Rosso (Droz Photo)

This thursday I invite you to dig in closer to someone I work with…, today, questions to Damien Rosso (Droz photo)


Damien, could you introduce yourself and let us know how you became a photographer?


I’m 35 and I fell into photography at an early age, my grandfather was a passionate, so was my father. They transmitted their passion to me. Sport addict since I’m young, I started to immortalize those moments between friends, then a mountainbike mag contacted me because they liked my pictures, and I decided that I would become a professional a few years later.


Could you give us 5 tips about how to make a good action photo?


There’s a lot of parameters to take into account for a good action photo, but the most important one is Light. From a technical side you need to choose a high shutter speed according to the sport you shoot. The speed will allow to freeze the subject. The location of the picture is also important because to get a beautiful photo, the environment you choose needs to correspond to your final vision of it. It is better to shoot in the mornings or the evenings, it is never very flattering to shoot at lunch time nor for the subject nor for the landscape.

Last and final advice is to be patient and persevere.

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