Itw Thibaut Baronian

Every Thursday I invite you to dig in closer into the Salomon Team France… Today a few questions to Thibaut Baronian.

You recently suffered from a twist of the ankle …a lot of runners suffer from this trauma at some point. You are a physiologist, and have a particular approach about all this, so what do you think this twist was all about? An ordinary accident? Was it linked to something in particular? What did you learn from it?

Indeed I do believe that there’s a meaning to all events in our lives, especially a sports injury. I’ve had a very rich and intense 2016 season, and hardly any time to rest before starting the 2017 preparation, with important winter objectives. I was tired and had warnings beforehand (a big flu 7 days before). This injury enabled me to rest a bit longer. Today I’m totally set, I know where I’m heading (and where I ‘set foot’) recovery’s still on, it is a bit long but I’m relieved it healed by itself and avoided a surgery. It’s a proper recovery which is a good token for the rest of the season. Listen to your body, it will never fail you!

You are quite present on social media, and talk about nutrition topics…have you always paid attention to what you eat? Do you really look into it daily or is it just another one of your cons to attract girls?

It is true. I’ve taken an interest in nutrition since 3 to 4 years. First on a personal basis to try and heal chronic infections that were spoiling my life. Today I have no doubt whatsoever on the impact nutrition has on our health. That’s why I share my philosophy on healthy food with my friends, family, patients and followers.
It is part of my daily life but has become a natural behavior, and of course still with a notion of pleasure. And apparently men who cook are sexy, so let’s do it!! ..;-)


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