itw Candice Bonnel

Every Thursday I invite you to dig in closer into the Salomon Team France… Today a few questions to Candice Bonnel

Between alpine ski and trail, you have been exploring the mountains a lot these past years – can you develop your story with us?

I started Alpine skiing in the Toussuire club. Eleven years of competition that helped me grow and gain character. Besides I have always been wandering in the mountains with my dad. Coming to trail running came naturally. After encouraging my dad a few times, I quickly understood that I wanted to be on the other side too!

Therefore turning to Ski Mountaineering was an evidence. It reunites everything that thrills me: slide, endurance and the mountain!

Since last year I try to compete on both seasons. In the winter, alpine skiing, in spring, trail running. Both these sports are complementary. It is also a good way to stay motivated and reduce pressure.

Last week you were at the Ski alpine championship, this week at the Pierra Menta – will you rest after or attack your trail running season?

The races follow each other in quick succession in the winter. The circuit francais and the world cup take place from December to April. Next to that we have the big races like Mezzalamma and Pierra menta. So yes, I will rest a good month for sure! Which doesn’t mean zero sports. Let’s say I will leave my watch and cardio in the drawer and enjoy the mountains in hiking mode. I don’t want to burn the steps and salomon supports me in my decisions. The goal is to last! I will be present on the French championship of VK and trail. I have other races in mind but once winter is over I will see clearer about all that !

candice bonnel