itw Thomas Lorblanchet

Every Thursday I invite you to dig in closer into the Salomon Running Team France… this week a little interview with Thomas Lorblanchet, one of the first athletes of the Salomon Team, who welcomed me when I arrived in 2010.

Since when do you practice sports intensively and thoughtfully?

I’ve always been attracted by all kind of physical efforts since as long as I can remember. My whole education was all about planning and physiology. After a first start in swimming, athletics and triathlon, I’ve been in the microcosm of the trail running world since 2000. I’ve always looked into how to train better, through my readings or conversations. It is essential to have a fulfilling activity and to find pleasure in one’s trainings. I’m turning 37 this year, and sport has been part of my life since over 30 years now. Today I give more room to a less codified practice and improvisation….might be what we call experience..

Your motivation seems to grow with the years…what will your objectives be this coming year?
One of my principals is that it is not necessary to be performing to undertake nor to succeed to persevere. The beginnings of my career were directed on 50 miles races whereas today I tend to choose more ultras. Trail running for me is a source of permanent challenges with or without a bib on. Early morning starts might be more difficult but my passion still drives my reason. My professional activity prevents me from focusing on trail a 100% of my time. I fix myself 1 or 2 challenges / year on events where my family can follow. This year, like the last 3 years, I will be in California for the Western States Endurance Run end of June. I kind of like this race, I have my landmarks and the spirit of the race reminds me of my beginnings at FESTIVAL DES TEMPLIERS in 2002.

thomas lorblanchet